April 15, 2011

Hello All!


This is normally the day taxes are due and usually a slower day for us.  We aren’t working returns just meeting with clients who are picking theirs up.  However, due to a holiday in Washington D.C. on the 15th this year, the deadline was extended to April 18th.  Therefore, I will be working like crazy until Monday to get all these last minute clients finished.  I’m mostly working on extensions now but often they take as much time as the return.  Its just that my boss doesn’t have time to review all these as closely as is needed for a final filing so we work them up for the extension and go over more carefully after the 18th.

If you need an extension form go to the irs.gov website for Form 4868

Remember this is just an extension to file your taxes without a late filing penalty.  If you owe taxes they are due now.  Pay in what your best estimate is now.  Finish your return later.  If you don’t pay now you might have some interest and penalty due later.


Another tidbit.  My friend Zoanna at A Penchant for Pens (don’t you just love her sweet smile it just says “Welcome, I love life!”…at least that’s what I see)  and I have decided to continue a small version of Project Simplify.  Zoanna will kick us off Monday morning with a challenge for next week.  Join in by checking in with me or her on Monday.

Here are my Project Simplify 5 weeks of results accomplished during tax season.  I’m so glad I participated because rather than my home growing more hot spots during those last 5 weeks it grew joy spots that make me smile when I see them.

Week 1

Week 2


Week 4

Week 5

Finally, thank you for praying for my father.  He still has not heard the results of his 3rd opinion.  He called on the 7th and 8th to ask about them and the 2 different people who answered the phone could find no information that his samples were even sent to M.D. Anderson.  That didn’t give any of us a warm fuzzy feeling.  So keep praying.

9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9, New International Version, ©2011)

Here is the link back to Company Girls Coffee.  Apparently WordPress won’t let me post the linky link thingie thing.

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11 Responses to April 15, 2011

  1. Zoanna says:

    That’s odd about your dad’s sample. Normally medical personnel are anal about documentation (especially procotologists. Sorry about that raw humor. It slipped.)

    What a compliment you gave me. I’ll be back for more now that I know where I can get a lift! And sure, I’ll kick off Monday. I’m trying to think of how to make it fun and memorable as far as things to tackle in a certain order that still gives people flexibility.

  2. jennibell says:

    Good for you, keeping up during tax season! Most accountants I know just bury themselves at work in April and don’t come up for air until after the 15th — you’re inspiring. I’m so sorry about your dad’s samples. . .as I’ve gone through things like this with friends and family members it’s the waiting that is so difficult and stressful. . .this isn’t making it any easier for you I know. I love your verse. . .so true. . .so true.

  3. joyceandnorm says:

    I wonder why so many people wait until the last minute to do their taxes. Anyhow, I hope that you will find out about your dad’s sample soon. That is odd. You figure people working in that profession would be more careful with timing results.

  4. We are some of those people that file taxes late…because time slips away…because we work better for a deadline. My husband usually does it earlier but he started a new job in January and that has been quite a transition. So I think time got away.

    I will pray about those medical results…that is disconcerting!?! May you find the peace that passes understanding as you cast your cares upon Him (Phil. 4:6-7 and I Peter 5:7)

    Yes, thank you for the not growing weary verse…I have felt weary lately…I need to press on with renewed faith.

  5. Zoanna says:

    Kelly ,I’m working on a post to kick-off the continuation of Project Simplify’s tasks. I’ll probably post tomorrow after some tweaking.

  6. Star says:

    I’ll have to check out your simple project simplify…if I remember, which is somewhat unlikely…I know, that says a lot about me! Good luck with all the tax stuff! So glad ours are all done and taken care of …hopefully correctly. Last year hubby had a little typo, left out a zero that cost us $600 a few weeks back. He was VERY careful this year! 🙂 Hope you get a little rest next week!

  7. Katharine says:

    Good luck with all of your tax stuff, ours are due on the 30th, but we knew we were getting a return so we did them early 🙂

  8. Zoanna says:

    Kelly, I made some progress, but it’s not blogworthy, not even worth the space on my camera. To be honest, I am not up to continuing with the D&O right now. Just feeling drained in many ways. Sorry.

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