My name is Kelly. I humbly try to follow God’s calling while being a wife, mom, and much, much more.

We are all more than we appear.

Come explore the world with me.

Thank you to my friend Junanne Mosley for the use of her beautiful photo on the blog header.

My Past:

I roughly divide my after school life into 3 big parts.

1)  My Professional Life:  With a degree in Accounting, I headed to work for a local accounting firm in Fort Worth, TX.  I worked there a couple of years before a friend got me an interview with the accounting department of the Bass Companies also in Fort Worth.  I was there 10 years less 2 days.  I worked in partnership accounting that entire time.  During this time I met BC on a mission trip to Dominica.  We dated long distance for a year, he quit his job, moved to Fort Worth, and a year after that we got married.

2)  My Mary Kay Life:   In year 8 of my accounting life  and year one of my married life I decided to become an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.    After two years I earned the use of my first free car and became a Sales Director.   I quit my job to do that full time.   Everyone always wants to know, so…yes, I did drive the famous Pink Caddy this life and loved every minute of it.   However, the year I quit my job, after 3 years of trying and finally deciding nothing was going to happen I got pregnant.  Little KC was born and my third life began.  I was involved heavily in MK about 6 years.

3)  PTA lady life:    When little KC was 3ish we began to realize she was going to need extra resources to develop her linguistic ability.   Long story short…she began talking late and when she did begin it was almost as if English was her second language.  Even now in 4th grade she has trouble getting words mixed up in sentences and lots of other language hiccups.  So she began pre-k at 3 1/2 mostly to get the Speech help and I became a volunteer at her school.  Soon I found myself the president of the PTA when she was a first grader.  I allowed this life to swallow me.  Even before I got involved in PTA I had stopped working my MK business to almost nothing.   Along the way, I began working part-time back in accounting at a small local CPA office for a woman I had met at my first job out of college.

Now that KC is in school full-time as opposed to the half-days of pre-k and kinder, I work more hours for pay and less as a volunteer.  I have slowly weaned myself from saying “yes” to everything and feeling like I had to do it all.  I am still president of the PTA this last year she is in elementary, but I spend much less time at the school than I did a few years ago.

In all this, I am a Christian who as the years go by knows more and more that I am definitely not perfect.  I learned a lot of different skills in these 3 different phases of my life.  Obviously I can balance a check book.  My MK got me ready for public speaking in almost any situation.  I can whip out a flier for a school event in nothing flat.  I found I didn’t have the best people skills in the world naturally and have worked, and worked, and worked on that but as an introvert I would rather sit and watch the crowd than be in front of it.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in all three of these phases and probably will make some more but I know that if I allow God to guide me He will never leave me or forsake me in these times I fail.

Life 4:  I’ve just begun it.  I have slowed down my outside activities.  I spend more time planning our meals towards healthier results.  I am in a decluttering stage of my home.  I still volunteer at church as I have throughout all the other stages of my life as my church family isn’t something extra, it just is.  Just like your family, I find it natural to be involved in activities with my church family.  I like to write so I thought I would start this blog.  I don’t always have a lot of time to sit down and write so it might be a while before I have regular posts.

Thanks for stopping by.

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