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April 15, 2011

Hello All! TAX TIME This is normally the day taxes are due and usually a slower day for us.  We aren’t working returns just meeting with clients who are picking theirs up.  However, due to a holiday in Washington D.C. … Continue reading

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Project Simplify – Week 5 Musings

Things I learned during Project Simplify Challenge: You can’t clean a refrigerator while watching television.  Before DVR I used to clean my kitchen during the commercials.  Now that we fast forward through commercials my “system” has been blown. Tsh at … Continue reading

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Project Simplify – Week 4 Results

This week of the Project Simplify Challenge I got a bonus sort of… Our disposal got clogged up…Ick!  and my man BC cleaned it out and got it working right again.  In the process, he had to move a bunch … Continue reading

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Hello Company Girls

I want to say “Hi” to the Friday Company Girls coffee. I have only recently started joining the Company Girls Coffee and I have enjoyed reading your posts and sharing feedback and comments. In only a few weeks I can … Continue reading

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