Project Simplify Week 1- Master Bedroom Closet

Project Simplify Challenge is underway.  You can read about my original take on it here.

The first week challenge was to clear out the Master Bedroom Closet.

All in all this has been very productive.  I knew going in I couldn’t do it exactly the way suggested due to time constraints, but I decided to do what I could and enjoy the results.

Day 1 – Monday Night

I first tackled the Elfa unit with 9 baskets containing jeans, pajamas, sweatshirts, a gillion t-shirts, and a gazillion unmatched socks.

Closet BeforeIt also had sweaters and bathrobes hanging out of it and stuff on top of it.  Some of the drawers wouldn’t shut due to overcrowding and some of them wouldn’t slide open easily due to other drawers being too full.  The bottom line is I couldn’t find anything when I needed it.

  • Forget to take pictures of the before until halfway done, but stuck baskets back in and took a shot anyway.
  • Sorted the clothes and reorganized while watching tv so I didn’t have to be by myself in a closet while everyone else was in the other room.
  • Had 2 bags of t-shirts to give away.
  • Sorted the socks and found plenty of pairs of both black and white for me and kc.  We both have been having a hard time finding socks lately.
  • Put unmatched socks in craft drawer.
  • Found my solid turtleneck shirts just in time for spring.   I’ve been wondering if I had previously given these away.   Sure glad I hadn’t bought new ones and just did without this winter.
  • Made sure all the baskets had extra space and slid easily in and out.

Elfa Basket ShelfTime spent:  1 1/2 hour sorting while watching the tele.

Day 2 – Tuesday Night

I tackled the floor space first.  At least I was pretty sure there was a floor in there somewhere.

  • Put my shoes into the hanging bag that was for some reason storing old glasses.Closet After - Floor
  • Cleaned up all the trash, hangers, and missing socks, etc. from the floor.
  • Put away some Mary Kay orders that were still in their original packing peanuts.
  • Removed several empty boxes.
  • Threw away some things on a shelf to make room for a a box of flannel board Bible class characters.   Ever since the flood of ’09 I’ve been hesitant to leave anything valuable on the floor and every time I had seen this box it made me nervous sitting just a couple of feet away from the very toliet that had sprung a leak just a few years ago.  So now it has a new home on higher ground.

Time spent:  Sorted out boxes of stuff while watching tv and another half hour piddling around cleaning out the floor and rearranging.

Closet Shelf - After

Day 3 – Wednesday Night

Sorted out 2 more boxes of Mary Kay stuff and reduced it down to 1 small box of things I’m not ready to get rid of or spend the time to decide what to do with it.

Time spent:  30 minutes while watching tele.  Okay, its not that I am addicted to tv its just that it makes the work seem less like work.

Day 4 – Thursday Night

  • Took out the trash box
  • Rearranged hanging clothes to locate winter and determine what needed to be tossed.  No winter clothes got tossed as I only have a few sweaters I’ve owned 10+ years and a few long sleeve shirts that are about as old.  The other clothes I wear in the winter are also worn year round under the sweaters.  The summer sorting will have to wait until the fall to see what I do and don’t wear this summer and give me time to try these clothes on.
  • Swept floor
  • Sprayed the closet with some air freshener.
  • Stepped back and admired my one decluttered spot in the entire house
  • Ahhhh!! What a nice feeling.

How I did on the obstacles I thought I would face:

  • Don’t have a lot of time since I’m working 50+ hours a week until tax season is over.I just did short bursts of effort when I could and broke the task into small phases.
  • Have 2 or 3 nights each week with some type of activity.  Week 1 I have PTA meeting and school open house on Monday, church on Wednesday, and piano on Thursday. Again, worked in small time slots.
  • Definitely not enough time to try on all the clothes  as suggested in Week 1 to determine if they fit or not.Just left out that part for now.  Will try on summer clothes soon enough anyway.
  • Would much prefer to be a couch potato as I usually am during tax season.   Just did it anyway.  I focused on what I could accomplish.  Having already made a plan for each day and dividing the closet into segments made it easier to think each night I could finish at least that part.
  • Have a really hard time giving away clothing that is in good condition even if I don’t wear often. I didn’t do too much of this.  I did give away t-shirts but I had so many it wasn’t hard to give away the half I don’t wear often.
  • Do I really want everyone to see what my mess looks like? Not really, but if you know me well then you have probably already seen a few messes in my home and if you don’t know me well you probably don’t care.
  • Knowing I can’t do it perfectly the way recommended so not doing anything at all. This is a huge hold up for a lot of us for many things.  We are so worried it won’t be perfect we don’t try at all.   Cleaning out my closet wasn’t really very high stakes.  I really just made my mind up to do it and did it.  Will every week work out this easily?  Maybe not, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

I’m really glad I did the first week challenge and look forward to the other weeks as well.  It has taken me a long time to get this, but I finally understand that too much stuff chokes you in so many ways.

Even though its a small closet, I still have a feeling of satisfaction of an accomplished goal.  This satisfaction will give me some momentum going into the other weeks.  As long as I remember to do what I can and enjoy the results and not get too hung up on comparing myself to the others who participated.

I can’t wait to see what the others did.  I’m sure I’ll have a few moments where I’ll compare myself negatively to someone else.  Why do we do that?  I guess that is a whole ‘nother post.  For now, thank you to everyone for sharing because I’m sure I will learn some great tips that will help me as I tackle the next 4 weeks and the rest of the house after that.

See you next week!!

What is choking you?  Sometimes it only takes a small amount of effort to get rid of it.

Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.”  Mark 4:18-19 NIV

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16 Responses to Project Simplify Week 1- Master Bedroom Closet

  1. Jess says:

    Wow! Looks great. I know the challenge for me is to keep it organized 😉 I love the verse you shared too!

    • Kelly C says:

      Yes, that is the real challenge isn’t it. I keep thinking about the verse where the demons come back into the house because it has been cleaned out and not refilled. I keep telling myself I must not feel this empty space has to be replaced with something, even nice somethings, and certainly not allow it to be filled with junk that I should just toss out.

  2. Karen says:

    I did some purging this week, too, but this is amazing! You’ve motivated me to keep going.

    • Kelly C says:

      Thanks. Jump on in over at Simple Mom. She had some great suggestions that I didn’t even begin to touch. What I think is amazing is how little effort it actually took.

  3. Star says:

    Wow! You worked hard. I so need to do this around my house…maybe next week during Spring Break! Have a great weekend.

  4. Zoanna says:

    Kudoes to you! That was a lot of hard work, and it really paid off. What a great feeling it is to have a newly organized closet. I didn’t even think about matching our unmatched socks because the basket of those is its own hot spot! My challenge was getting started. AFter that, it was a breeze because I did most of the purging last summer and stayed pretty disciplined about what I put in there. It just got jumbled mostly. AGain, congrats on a job well done. My motto has to be “well done is better than perfect.” 🙂

  5. lighteningmyload says:

    you did an amazing job,even more so seeing as you didn’t have a whole lot of time to do it.
    I am so excited to see what next week brings:0)

  6. joyceandnorm says:

    Great job on the closet!! Isn’t it great to just see that floor? I was thinking that this morning when I was vacuuming and all the kids’ big pop-up tents and ball pits were in the way. They got those for Christmas from family and friends, not from us. =p

  7. Tracey says:

    I think you did a fabulous job! It looks so neat and organized now and I’m sure you’re enjoying it!

  8. Marie says:

    Well done! That was a huge job…I bet you just like to sit back and gaze at it for awhile….this past week, I did a big job of emptying a book case, dusting and vacuuming the books and shelves, sorting the books on what to keep and what to give away, and putting the keepers back on the book shelf…well actually it was many shelves…the book case is about seven feet high….very tiring job that took about four hours…but do I ever like gazing at that book case as I go by…makes me feel so good. Thanks for stopping by..have a great wknd!

  9. That looks great. With tasks like that it is always better to do a little here and a little there. I am a stay at home mom, but most days I struggle to get everything done so I tell myself that even if I only do one little thing today then by the end of the week it will all be done. Just don’t get discouraged. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I think you did a great job especially in such a small closet. I’m very impressed that you got so much done in such little spurts. I bet you feel lighter after getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff. That’s the best part for me, the getting rid, very rarely do I ever go hunting for something and kick myself for giving it away.

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  12. Ang says:

    It looks great! I’m impressed that you worked every day on it. Hope your paper project goes as well 🙂

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