Fall Fun

Oh My!  How time flies.  Here is an update of the last three weeks.   Lots of photos would be nice but that would mean another week of not blogging.

We enjoyed my annual company picnic in October. My boss, Lydia, and her husband, Roy, host this event every year for their employees and our families.  Roy grills enough meat to feed an army.   My contribution each year is the homemade ice cream.  The bounce house was a nice new addition this year.  It was a great tool to keep the kids occupied.  It is a very relaxed atmosphere and I enjoy it because I am not in charge.

We left the picnic early to attend the trunk of treats event at our church.  k went to a few trunks then decided she wanted to ride the horse.  I didn’t get to watch her because my slot to volunteer at the train came while we were waiting in line.  She came and joined me at the train until the event ended.

The next weekend was Halloween.

Little k has been looking forward to this season for a couple of months.  She loves to dress up and has been planning her costume forever.   She went as Medusa inspired by the Percy Jackson movie.   There really aren’t any Medusa costumes to be found so we came up with one based on a dirty blonde dreadlocks wig and plastic snakes tied all over.  The snakes glowed in the dark.  That was fun in the closet, but didn’t really work outside.



She was a little disappointed in the actual Halloween event.  She thought her younger cousin was going trick or treating with her, but that didn’t happen so I took her by herself.  I know some kids her age weren’t interested in it this year, but she likes the social aspect of being with the gang and all the dress up.  Since there was no gang this year, she lost interest after we went a couple of blocks.   She wanted to go home and pass out candy.  As we were headed home, she admitted the main reason she liked Halloween was because she liked to dress up…

which is the reason she is very excited her co-curr class this 12 weeks is now theater.  She has been looking forward to theater class since she saw her first play (I sort of made that up).  She has been interested in plays for as long as I can remember.

I have been keeping myself busy with canning Pear Cranberry Jam.  I think I’m in love.   I taught myself to can this summer and most of the jams I have made have been plain, one fruit, jams.  This seemed kind of boring for Christmas gifts, so I decided to try this recipe from the Ball book.  I added one vanilla bean to the pear/cranberry mix while they cooked up.  It was lovely.  Pears have been at a great price so I’ve made about 40 half pint jars so far.  Hubby likes to give something to lots of his coworkers, then there are k’s teachers, friends, etc.

I tried a recipe of Apple Jalapeno Jelly also.  It is okay.  I think the recipe I tried had too much bell pepper in it.     Does anyone out there have a favorite Jalapeno recipe.  My sister has a wonderful Apricot Jalapeno, but I haven’t made it since she has become a master at it.

Finally, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner but before that big event is k’s birthday.  She wants a Lego party.  We aren’t doing a big party this year because we had a big Harry Potter party last year the day the Deathly Hallows Part 1 came out.  This year she can invite 2 friends for dinner and to spend the night.  I am going to attempt a Lego Cake.  Yikes.  Every site/blog I read that Lego cakes said it was harder than they thought and it didn’t turn out the way they thought, but the kids liked it anyway.  So I’m going with that and will try not to worry if its not perfect.

I found this verse an unexpected reminder that we should rejoice in the person God made us to be and not compare ourselves to others.   What are you joyful about this week?

“The wings of the ostrich flap joyfully,
though they cannot compare
with the wings and feathers of the stork.”  Job 39:13 NIV

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