Ghoulish Treats

Monday was a staff development/no kids day for k’s school. Our little hospitality group has been planning for this day to bring in fun food treats. The staff ate lunch on campus and we provided afternoon desserts and snacks.

Thanks to Tara for the pictures as I wasn’t there to see the finished product in person. We worked in shifts because most of us work. I set up the tables, gathered supplies, and dropped off my goodies on my way to work. Tara and Trisha came in later and finished setting everything up all pretty. I came back at the end of the day for the clean up.

Ghost Nutter Butters by Tara

Thank you to Maricela and Katrina for making all the cupcakes.  I got to do the fun decorating.

The Glass Shard Cupcakes were inspired by this from AllRecipes.  I decided not to add the corn syrup blood since I don’t know all the teachers personally and was afraid it might by a bit too much for someone.  The recipe was easy to follow and the candy glass came out nicely.  One recipe made 3 cookie sheets of glass and I could have used half that much to do 40 cupcakes.   I began cutting the glass with a pizza cutter which worked fine and then I tried some kitchen scissors.   I had a little more control on the size of the pieces with the scissors.   As soon as you start cutting,  the candy splinters just like glass.  I tried wearing gloves to do this so I wouldn’t have to touch every piece of candy, but it just stuck to the gloves.  It was pretty funny.   So if CSI comes along my fingerprints will be on every single piece.  Sorry, but I did wash carefully first.

I cropped the picture down so you might be able to see the glass shards sticking out of the cupcakes.  It didn’t seem to bother any takers as more of these were eaten than the chocolate.

Our Black Cauldron Cupcakes had a green vanilla pudding inside for a surprise.

A few friendly pumpkins.

Trish brought this lovely Kitty Litter Cake.   I love that she brought newspaper to put under it.

And the all famous Dirt Cake made by another Kelly (We have 3 on our board this year, oops, one of us just quit.  I guess threes a crowd.)

Finally, something to wash it all down.

Tara brought this amazing punch.  It has Bicardi Fuzzy Navel, white grape juice, lemonade and Sprite.  It looked so amazing I wish I had been able to try some, but it was all down to the floating fruit when I got back.

Swamp water.  We collected it right into the jars.  Hee Hee!

I think it looked just like this when I got back.  Not too many takers on the black punch.  It was black cherry drink mix, grape drink mix, and frozen lemonade.  I thought it tasted really good so I wasn’t too disappointed to take it home.  We don’t buy those kind of drinks at home very often so its a complete treat for me.  My daughter and hubby won’t drink it.

I got all these great ideas off of Pinterest  along with a whole lot more we didn’t have time or space for.  Like these apple bites with almonds or marshmallows.  Lea Ann was going to bring this mummy cheese ball, but was terribly sick that day.  Thanks for not spreading germs to the entire staff.  Glad you feel better now.

So cute and so fun.

Hello Company Girls.  Have a great weekend.

I don’t know why this verse came to mind today.  May you have laughter this weekend.

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
she can laugh at the days to come.

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8 Responses to Ghoulish Treats

  1. Jan says:

    What a hoot! I love the “creepy” snacks and presentation. Um, what are those white things next to the sick pumpkin?

    • Kelly C says:

      They are string cheese sticks cut in half. They were supposed to be made to look like fingers but they were harder to do than I thought and I ran out of time.

  2. Nikki says:

    I love all of the themed treats…especially the cupcakes and swamp water. What is in the kitty litter cake?

    • Kelly C says:

      Nikki, Its German chocolate cake, white cake, vanilla pudding and some cookies crushed up (some of which you mix in green food coloring) and warmed up tootsie rolls. I had never heard of it before but Googled it and was surprised how many popped up.

  3. zoanna says:

    The kitty litter cake cracks me up! The newspaper under it–LOL! Very clever treats. The swamp water actually sounds great to me. Sounds like a fun, kooky-spooky time.

  4. joyceandnorm says:

    This is great!! Love it!

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