Martha, Martha

I am exhausted.  This was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time and I got a cold in the middle of it probably due to being run down, so even though I tried to get some rest, I never got caught up.

I went into the week tired from a busy weekend.  Monday morning I called to order the hamburgers for the event on Thursday only to be told they had a 300 minimum.  What?  Looking back he probably meant they couldn’t come out and cook on site, but he never actually said that.  He said, “We have a 300 order minimum.  Did you put ___ Burgers on the flier?  If you had put ___Burgers on the flier that went home you would have had more RSVPs. ”   I pretty much feel like if a $2 hamburger meal isn’t enough to get you to come, knowing where the burgers came from won’t help.  Everyone is so busy.   So I went to plan B and called another burger place that was more than happy to sell us 150 burgers.

Monday afternoon we got a call to come in for an interview for the house parents position.   Hooray!  Monday night I got sick.  Boo!

Tuesday, I left work early so I could get a little rest before going to teach a class to some local PTA treasurers.  Left exhausted but couldn’t go to sleep until around 2:00 am.  My brain wouldn’t shut down.

Wednesday, left work early for interview.  I have second guessed most everything I said in that interview.  So for the rest of that day I just wore myself out emotionally.  Finally, I wrote a quick Facebook update where I reminded myself that if God wants us to be house parents He will put us there even if I didn’t say all the right, perfect words.  Although I have still thought about some of the conversations since then, I haven’t been stressed over it.  I was stressed about getting everything done for the next day, so at midnight when I still hadn’t fallen asleep, I told myself I was just going to have to take the whole day off (rather than a half day) to finish everything.  As soon as I gave myself permission to do that I relaxed and went to sleep.

Thursday was glorious.  Busy, but glorious.  It was cool in the metroplex.  People were almost giddy.  I walked k to school.  Did a few things there, then came home to get my reports ready for a Friday morning meeting.

Thursday night was the back to school community dinner/PTA meeting at k’s school.   So after finishing the reports, I ran back to the school to do a few things, stopped at the bank for start up cash, paid for the hotdogs at Sonic, burgers and potatoes at Wendy’s, picked up the Sam’s orders and headed to the school around 3:00 where I found out I had forgotten to tell my mom not to pick up k today since I would be there 😦

After getting to the school everything went smoothly because I had lots of help from other parents and some StuCo students from the High School.  I had others pick up the food so I could be at the school setting up the whole time.  We used our leftover decorations from the teacher welcome back luncheon.

Couldn’t sleep that night either.

Got up early Friday to go to another school to help mediate a pta situation from a disgruntled board member then went to my own meeting and too work.

Saturday has been busy, but not stressful.  Oh, except I made plans with my sister to celebrate my dad‘s 75th birthday on Sunday without telling my husband and he just reminded me we were supposed to begin our Small Group meetings again after the summer break at the same time this Sunday.  Fail!

Except for that, I’ve enjoyed not being rushed today.

I’m so glad every week isn’t like this.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things,  but few things are needed—or indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10:41-42

I don’t mind being busy.  I like to be busy, but sometimes I look back at weeks like this and ask myself if I have chosen what is better.  This is why I want to be a house parent.  I know it will be hard work.  I know there will be many thankless activities.  I know I will probably have many exhausting days, but I know there is nothing better than to have a child throw their arms around you for comfort or joy.  There just isn’t anything like it whether its your child or another’s.

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9 Responses to Martha, Martha

  1. Quite true. It does wonders for your work-life balance. Always good to have a child’s perspective on things.
    Hope next week is quieter 🙂

  2. Katharine says:

    Sometimes it is mind boggling how busy life can be! You are right, if this is where God wants you, then you said all you needed to in the interview! Hope this week is less busy for you..

  3. jennibell says:

    Wow! What a week. . .sounds kind of like some of mine. I’m definitely a Martha and really have to focus hard on putting a little Mary into my life. I love a full schedule. . .you sound very organized and you’re obviously well-respected too so it’s great that you can fit all the pta/school stuff in. . .being a house parent might keep you a little more grounded. . .if that’s what you want? Good chatting with you today through Company Girls!

    • Kelly C says:

      Jenni, Sometimes I’m organized better than others. I know the challenges of house parenting will be different and probably sometimes just as crazy, but I do thing you are right about it providing the possibility of grounding. I think weeks like this make me want that more and more.

  4. Alicia says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I needed to read this today – it’s so easy to get caught up in busy-ness and the stuff we “need” to do….Have a great week

  5. Zoanna says:

    I”m excited for you to become house parents. I don’t think the interviewer was listening for all the right words, but the heart of care and joy and desire to take in needy kids.

    Grace for the crazy-busy times feels so good. I’m glad that’s not where our truth worth comes from–being productive. It is highly revered in our culture (and others) but I would prefer to adapt the cultural siesta, where a refreshing mid-day nap is the norm!

    • Kelly C says:

      Thanks Zoanna, I was so hoping we would have heard something by now, but no. Its funny you say that about the siesta. Before k was in 1st grade and I went back to work, I regularly took power naps in the afternoon. It gave me the energy boost to go into the evenings.

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