When God Says No

Waiting on someone else’s timing is not my strong suit, but in this instance its all I can do.  We sent our application to be houseparents on August 30th by email application as they requested on the website.  We didn’t hear anything so I made one call and left a message about wanting to check that our application was received.  We didn’t hear anything.

It was during this time that I started wondering if we had heard the right message from God.  God does say “no.”

I thought about God telling David he wasn’t to build the temple.  How sure David was about it being the right thing to do only to be told it was someone else’s work but he could get things ready.

I thought about the time God forbade Paul from going to Asia on his journey.  Lydia and her household and the jailer were saved because Paul continued to work but on a different path than he first planned.

And then there was the story of Balaam and the donkey.  The angel told Balaam, “I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me.”  We certainly didn’t want to be guilty of beating our donkey to force him to go down a path God doesn’t want us to be on.  After Balaam admitted his sin, God told him to go anyway, but to only say what He told him to say.

It is obviously much easier to write a blog about God saying no than actually accepting the fact that God has said no.  That is why I am writing this now, before we know.  Perhaps thinking through some of these things will prepare our hearts for any outcome.

In the meantime, we decided that while waiting we could still get involved in the work in other ways.  Saturday was a work day at the property.  Lots of volunteers come to help spruce up the grounds and make repairs, etc.

I picked working in one of the cottages so I could see a little bit of what it was like.  I found out the cottage I was in was the one that had needed house parents and the position had been filled.  I was a little sad, but glad they found someone.

BC was at a different cottage doing outside work and he found out they still had a need for relief parents.

So during the lunch we spoke with the director a bit, not a whole interview or anything like that, and found out he was new and had a stack of applications to go through and would be setting up interviews this week.

We left encouraged that our application wasn’t just tossed in the trash due to lack of previous experience or something else, but we also knew others had applied.

The thing is this isn’t a competition for a job where you are trying to beat out the next guy.  We only want to serve where there is a need and where we feel like God truly wants us to serve.  If they find someone else who better fits the need then praises be to God for working that all out.

We got a call Monday to come for an interview on Wednesday.  I’ll have to admit I was a little giddy when the appointment was made.  Now I’m nervous.  Its been 25+ years since I interviewed for anything.  Yikes!  What am I going to wear?

Lord, help us to be willing to ready the work for someone else, go somewhere else, or do the work as you ask us.

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