The Voice of God

We have not heard anything from our application to the home.   So many thoughts and questions come to mind while waiting.  Have we indeed heard the voice of God calling us?   If we did, will we be willing to go if He points clearly to this work or will we run like Jonah?   Applying is one thing, but actually going is another.  Did we misunderstand?  Did our own wants and wishes get in the way of what He was truly saying?

These thoughts about God’s voice came to mind.

Saul saw a bright light and heard a voice on the road to Damascus.

Elijah heard a gentle whisper on the mountain.

Esther heard God’s through Mordecai.

Different paths.  Equally important missions. They each heard the voice of God.

I’m pretty sure we all want God’s instruction to be of the same nature as Paul’s.  We want a flashing marquee with a loud speaker blaring telling us to go do a great mission.

Or we would even be happy if we heard a small whisper.

Are we listening?   For the whisper from the Spirit or truth from a friend?

We know the Spirit nudges, and urges, and in the case of Paul even forbade him to do go to some places.

I think we often shrug off these nudges and proddings because we are so tied to our American dream of life path.  We have grown up in a certain way, we anticipate a certain lifestyle and we do everything we can to make it better.  Better color on the walls, better tile, better car, better meal plans, better yards, and the list goes on.

We started hearing the whispers.

We saw the signs.

Each one by itself was not a 5 year plan.

Each one was a little more light on the path.

If I told you exactly what the signs and whispers were you would probably wonder how in the world could you hear and see those things and decide to be house parents.  The point A to point B just doesn’t calculate mathematically or humanly.

It was a line from a movie.

A tv show.

A newscast.

A prompting in Bible class.

A desire to be obedient.

A Facebook message of a friend who heard God’s call in her life.

Saul’s companions saw the light and heard the voice but didn’t understand the voice.   Interesting.  It seems as if God’s voice at that moment was intended only for Saul.

Am I listening to the voice intended only for me?

Are you listening for the voice intended for you?

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