One Prayer

I wasn’t ready to talk about this with anyone other than my husband due to the fact I like to have all the answers to everything before being asked them, but he posted it on Facebook so I decided to share the phases we are going through in a major life decision.

About two months ago, I can’t even remember what prompted this exact prayer, but my husband and I prayed God would show us a ministry we could work on together.   As the saying goes, “Be careful what you pray for.”  I’m embarrassed to say, but it was kind of a fluke or was it the Spirit’s prompting, that we even prayed together about this.   We haven’t  been in the habit of praying together often.  Sad, but true.

We have both always been active in our local church.  We met on a mission trip in Dominica (lovely story, but another time).    We went on two more similar mission trips together, but mostly he continues to go on these summer mission trips and I have been involved with Bible classes and PTA (not that it is a mission, just what I’ve used my time for).   We don’t do many, if any, service projects together.

We are both willing to roll up our sleeves and help with just about any project that comes our way, but because our interests and talents are different, we don’t often work together.

And so we prayed about it together that night.

One time.

And then we didn’t talk about it again.

Not really what you would expect to hear.  You might expect to hear that every day we faithfully prayed together for God to open our eyes.  But we didn’t.  I prayed on my own.  And I’m sure he did too.   But for me it wasn’t often.

Well, I wish I knew exactly to the day how long after or even before that prayer something seemingly insignificant happened.  My dad sent me an email to see if k would like to go to a horse camp for the summer.   We thought she would love it so he generously payed for her registration for the last week in June.   She was very excited about this.  She loves animals.

Sometime in between when we registered her and when she went, we started seeing a notice in our church bulletin asking for house parents at a local children’s home.

Every Wednesday, every Friday, and every Sunday, it was in the online and paper bulletins we receive.  We quietly acted like it wasn’t for us to see.  Someone else will do it.

One night during our Florida vacation, the week after the horse camp, I just blurted out to hubby who was almost asleep. “We could be house parents together.”

He said sleepily, “Yes… we could.”   I was actually a little surprised he said that.

There was some discussion about it not being good timing due to finances, jobs, etc. etc. etc.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.

So…we didn’t talk about it any more.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I didn’t even really know anything about being a house parent or what would be involved.  I was at the same time excited and scared to death.  I mean, Yikes!!!  No more lazy times of vegging out in front of the tv.

After the vacation, I got online and read the job description and shared a bit with BC.  A few words were said, back and forth, but the conversation didn’t lead anywhere.    More excuses.

The bulletins continue to ask for house parents.

We talk the talk in Bible class.   Will we walk the walk?

Is this the path God wants for us?  I’m not sure.  I believe if it is, He will make clear the path.  Just like he promised us in the Psalms, He will make a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105).  We may not be able to see all the way down the road, but we can see what the next step is.

Our next step is to inquire of this opening.

We know there are many questions, obstacles, hurdles, to be addressed.

Pray with us as we journey down this path that the Lord will reveal His will in a strong way and should we see an obstacle let us rely on Him to knock down the walls or give us another path and that we lean not on our own understanding.

Oh, yes, the seemingly insignificant event of the email about horse camp…

The horse camp is on the property of the home.

If I hadn’t been on the property for her end of camp show for that quick hour, I don’t think I would have blurted out that night a thought I never would have thought just a few short months ago, when we said a prayer.  One prayer.

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7 Responses to One Prayer

  1. zoanna says:

    Sounds like God was waiting for you two to pray together because He has
    a mission for you. I would say take the next step and then see where it leads. I think some children have been asking God for houseparents and it’s a place where kc has already made connections and feels at least out with the horses.

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