119 Cupcakes

120 119 Cupcakes for the Teacher Welcome Back Lunch.

What were we thinking?   We could have gone to Wmart and bought cupcakes for a lot less.  In fact we almost went that route.   I went by Wmart a week ago to place an order for 9 dozen cupcakes.   They had a sign up that said, due to a warehouse problem they were out of buttercream.  Really?  I asked if they would have buttercream by the 19th and they couldn’t or possibly wouldn’t say.  They said I could order as late as one day before the event and still get my cupcakes.  Well that really wouldn’t help if I found out the day before they didn’t have any buttercream.

So then we thought about just doing the mix route subbing all the good stuff in.  That would have been easier and would have still given us some lovely cupcakes.  But, NO.  I can’t do anything the simple way.  Okay, I didn’t bake the potatoes myself.  We got those at Wendy’s.  Since all the other luncheon arrangements were going so smoothly and I had been looking and bookmarking and Pinteresting lovely cupcakes for weeks and months, Maricela and I decided to make the cupcakes.

Our first big dilemma was how to get 108 cupcakes ready and delivered to the school and still be edible.  We decided to make the cupcakes the weekend before and freeze them all in her freezer which unknown to us was sitting in the garage unplugged for the summer.   Fortunately, her regular freezer wasn’t as completely insanely packed full with frozen berries and tomatoes like mine, so we managed to get them all in.

On Monday night I made the chocolate frosting, pecan coconut frosting, and the white chocolate.  Yummmmmmmmm!!!!

I didn’t get the vanilla buttercream done until Wednesday night.

I stored these in the fridge in these containers.  They were the perfect size and were easy to get everything out of the night of the frosted.

48 quasi German Chocolate.  We used Beatty’s Chocolate Cake recipe from Ina Garten for the cupcake part.  The only modification to her recipe we made was to use 1 cup hot water and 1 teaspoon of espresso powder for the coffee.  I love this recipe for cakes or cupcakes.  They are very moist and stay nice on the counter for days even in this awful heat.

We used  “My Grandma’s Chocolate Frosting” recipe from How to Eat a Cupcake and this coconut pecan frosting recipe from Your Cup of Cake for the middle.  I got my inspiration for this cupcake from Lizzy’s site.  I didn’t use her cupcake and buttercream frosting recipes because I felt more comfortable using the Beatty’s that I had made before and knew for sure I liked it.  I was also afraid to go with cream cheese frostings that would have to sit out overnight in this weather.  Next time I make a batch for just us I am definitely trying her chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Beatty's Chocolate cupcake

36 Coconut with White Chocolate Buttercream frosting:

We used Ina Garten’s coconut cupcake recipe.  Beware!  Includes lots of butter and makes twice as many cupcakes as the recipe states.  I got 36 cupcakes that rose just to the brim of the liners.   If I had put a little more batter in each cup it probably would have poofed up a bit more, but since we were icing it was fine to have flatter cupcakes.  I will probably not use as much coconut next time for my own preference for the texture and add a drop  or 2 of coconut extract.   Be sure to read the reviews of this recipe as there were lots of helpful hints to make these come out just right.   I also used half the almond extract as I do not like anything that almond is the predominant flavor.  So modify according to your likings.

I got my inspiration for this cupcake from here at Technicolor Kitchen, but I didn’t have time to find desiccated coconut so I found another.   Doesn’t this look scrumptious?

I used this White Chocolate Frosting recipe  from Diana’s Recipes for the coconut cupcakes and topped it with a mix of toasted and untoasted coconut.  I loved the flavor of the frosting.  I think I should have used a little more powdered sugar to help it hold up better in the heat.  This frosting mix should probably be used pretty soon after applying to the cupcakes or in cooler weather.  Of the three frostings I used this one is the only one that showed signs of wilting.  It seemed to deflate slightly over night and you can see it was a little shiny in the pictures.  But otherwise, everyone that had one loved it.

Coconut cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream frosting

35 Red Velvet cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting.

I ended up using 2 recipes for the red velvet.  I found out I liked the one that uses butter better than the one that uses oil.  They both tasted fine.  I made the oil version first and thought it was great.  I then burned the next batch and had to make a third, but didn’t have enough oil so I pulled out the butter version.  The butter version was lighter in both texture and in color.  The oil version looks brownish red rather than a truer red on the butter version.

Red Velvet made with butter waiting to be frozen.

So if you have oil use this version from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen  and if you have butter use this one from Brown Eyed Baker.

Most recipes I found for Red Velvet cupcakes included a cream cheese frosting.  Since these would be sitting out overnight I felt buttercream would be a better choice for all our frostings.   I also cranked the A/C up Wed. night to make sure I didn’t have any melted cupcakes the next morning.  Hubby didn’t understand why I felt the cupcakes deserved cooler air than he did.

I decided to go with the basic vanilla buttercream my cake decorating friend Kathleen uses.  I think it’s the recipe from Wilton except she used all butter and no shortening.   It was the easiest to make.  The others involved melting and cooking over the stove.

Red Velvet made with oil

I used the Wilton 1M tip to pipe the frosting except for the coconut pecan.  I scooped it with a cookie scoop.  I wished I had piped it out of a baggie because I ran out.  It was really okay though because I just made the rest of the chocolate cupcakes with only chocolate frosting and they were all eaten.  I’m sure some people don’t like coconut.

I really liked the way the red velvet looked.  I used a technique I found on Youtube to pipe the frosting to look like a rose and then sprinkled with a little red sugar sprinkes.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture with sprinkles.

Cupcakes made.  Now we just had to figure out how to get them to the school.  It was 150 degrees here yesterday or something like that, so even walking to the car was difficult to without looking like I had been working out with Bob and Jillian.  (Is it okay to mention them in the same paragraph as 100+ cupcakes.

My sister KW is very smart about stuff like this.  She suggested we buy these lasagne sized aluminum pans that come with lids.  They were only $2 each and worked great.   We put a towel in the bottom to keep the cupcakes from sliding.   This worked great except for the fact I didn’t wedge one of them in good enough in the car and it tipped over going around one of only 3 turns I have to make to get to the school.  Aaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!

I dropped everything off at the school. Ran home, wiped off the mashed frosting, repiped them, sprinkled more coconut, and flew back to the school.

Fortunately for me my buddies, Tara and Katrina, were setting everything out without any instruction necessary while I fixed my mess.

Table decor made by Tara

Drink Table

I think everything turned out great.  Don’t you love the megaphone piñata I got from a party store for 50 cents?  They had 3 faded High School Musical megaphones on a very high clearance shelf and I grabbed all of them and spray painted and added the letters.

Tara serving at the drink table

I don’t think I’ll be starting a cupcake business soon, but if you need a batch or two for an event I think I can help you out.

Cupcake table

The teachers were very appreciative.  Some came to me after and expressed huge thanks that I said a prayer over the teachers before we began.  I didn’t have words to respond to their thanks because it just seemed like the natural thing to do.   I pray my daughter’s teacher feels the same way.

I have always loved these verses below.   I pray our teachers will see good in their labor and have wisdom and strength and energy throughout the year.

“I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good in one’s lifetime; moreover, that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor—it is the gift of God. I know that everything God does will remain forever; there is nothing to add to it and there is nothing to take from it, for God has so worked that men should fear Him.”  Ecclesiastes 3:12-14

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8 Responses to 119 Cupcakes

  1. Star says:

    Looks yummy! I made some chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes with cookie dough buttercream compliments of a pinterest post this week! They were sinful! Of course, I only made 24 so it wasn’t quite the feat! Glad it all turned out for you!

  2. zoanna says:

    It all looks delicious, Kelly! What a mountain of delight and work! I bet you you’re all the teachers’ pet;). When i need a recipe for cupcakes I will definitely start here.

  3. jennibell says:

    Wow, wow, wow. . .you are a dedicated parent volunteer!!! Do these teachers know how lucky they are??? I love IG’s chocolate cake but *only* make it for special occasions. . .you are a special lady to make those for the teachers. When is the next big event??? I’m sure they’ll be asking you if you can do this all over again. . .you’ve set the bar high!

    • KellyC says:

      Thanks Jenni. I do think they thought it was special. They acted like they hadn’t had anything like it before even though I know there was a catered lunch for Teacher Appreciation Week last year, but I guess during the school year the teachers don’t get to sit down and enjoy it together, they have to grab a plate and go. The next teacher event is a holiday lunch, but the next school event is a family fun night in September. We will be having hamburgers, hotdogs, and potatoes, all catered in at a good price and store bought cookies. No cooking for me on this one. Just read your blog. You get to be the hospitality chairman for your school this year 🙂 I love reading about families making pro-active decisions about their lives. Most of the time we just drift along doing what we’ve always done and everybody else is doing.

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