Happy Father’s Day!

My father is a good man.

Gayland Roberts

He is a good son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, teacher, and friend.  He is a Christian.  When I grow up I want to be more like my dad.

Carlsbad Caverns August 2010

He taught me to work hard by working hard and by giving me work.

He taught me to be kind by showing kindness and by disciplining me when I wasn’t kind.  Ouch!

He taught me to be involved with life by being involved in lots of activities and providing opportunities for me as well.

He taught me to value learning by always being a student and by providing me with many avenues to learn.

Family Reunion 2008

He taught me to try new things by continually trying new hobbies and activities and by encouraging me when I did the same.

He taught me to believe I could do anything because he believed I could do anything.

He taught me to have fun by…well…just take a look…

There was always plenty of silliness in our house.

He taught me to love God and be involved in God’s plan by always being an active member of the church.

As I began to write these thoughts about my dad, I realized that my dad taught me not only by doing good things, and providing me with opportunity to do good things, but by disciplining me when I didn’t choose wisely.  Perhaps as a parent, that is the greatest lesson I can learn.

Dad, Here are a few things I remember:

tutoring, roofing houses, pulling weeds, sweeping the garage, no bicycle for an eternity, coaching softball, speed reading, the belt, babysitting training class, pottery class, painting fences, singing class, photography, umpiring, announcing, summer camp, summer theater, summer school, mission trips, preaching, teaching Bible class

I love you.  I know there were times I disappointed you, but I always knew you loved me and believed I could do better.  Thank you for loving my mother and my sisters, my husband and my child.  Thank you for always choosing God’s way.

Mom and Dad

6 Children’s children are a crown to the aged,
and parents are the pride of their children. (Proverbs 17:6, New International Version)

Hello Company Girls!  Thanks for dropping by.  Have a great weekend.

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8 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Marie says:

    Aw…your dad sounds like a very special man…my dad went to be with Jesus just before Father’s Day last year….every day is still difficult…I figured if I wrote about him this year I’d probably become quite maudlin…anyways Happy Anniversary…as I said eldest daughter and hubby celebrated their 14th on the 15th this week…they’re on their way for a special overnite while we look after the kids…great times! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Kelly C says:

      Thanks Marie. I will be thinking of you and your loss on this day. I guess you and I will always have our anniversaries the same week as Father’s Day. Have a great weekend.

  2. jennibell says:

    Beautiful! What a legacy your father has left through you and now, I’m sure, through your child. Thanks for sharing your life today 🙂

  3. How heart-warming to hear of your dad! What an honoring post of your father! Love it!

  4. Jan says:

    I love this… I am thrilled that you posted such a great tribute to a great dad.

  5. Danyelle says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad!

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