More than Talent, its a Gift

Please share in my moment of joy.

My daughter is special.  She brings me joy.  There are so many little unique things about her I could go on and on and on.  As I’m sure you could about your child as well.  All of God’s children are special.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have our struggles and battles.  We have smelly socks and dirty closets.  We forget to comb our hair and pick up our room.

But sometimes she simply amazes me.  k has struggles with language development and as a result she is sometimes reserved when meeting new people or in new surroundings.  Quite often she just gets worried, fearful, and sometimes panics about seemingly small things to me.

But Friday, June 3, 2011, she had absolutely no problem standing in front of a packed school cafeteria to sing, a cappella style “Here I am to Worship” for the public school talent show.  Just a few days prior to the talent show she was ready to back out because she was concerned people would laugh at her because she wasn’t good enough.  After a few encouraging talks she decided to participate and continued practicing on her own.

No one laughed.  One teacher told me she wept.

Talent Show 6_3_11

photo by my friend Tara. Thank you Tara!

This day was already emotion packed for me:

  • It was my baby’s last day in the elementary school.
  • I was saying goodbye to staff I had become friends with during that time.
  • I stayed up late the night before getting the teacher cards written and was tired.
  • My dad was having his surgery to remove his kidney that same morning at almost the same time as the talent show.  Lovely timing.  God’s timing.

All of these things contributed to me having a hard time maintaining my composure as we distributed gifts to the various teachers and staff.  There were tears and hugs and promises to come back to see everyone, but you know how that is.  Life gets busy and you just don’t go to places you don’t have to go because you have somewhere else you do have to go.  I knew it would be rare occasions when I would see these wonderful friends.

I didn’t have the best seat in the house since the students sat in the center of the cafeteria and the parents sat/stood around the outside edges and in the back.  I had previously asked the music teacher if she would let k go at the beginning so I could leave to go to the hospital after she sang.   I grabbed a spot on the side by the door and got an odd angle on the video.

I’m not sure what is wrong with the settings on my phone camera, but its taking awful videos right now.  I guess the blurring makes it safe for me to share since I don’t have all those other kids permissions.   However, the sound is quite lovely.  I think you will be able to sense what we all felt when her clear, sweet voice rang out in praise to our God.

Talent Show Video

I cut off the video before the clapping because I wanted to applaud her also.  She was so sweet and grinned ear to ear at the applause and hesitated a moment wondering what to do next until she finally made her way off the stage awkwardly.

My father’s surgery went wonderful.  The surgeon said it was perfect and he saw no signs the cancer had spread.  The other kidney is doing its job.    My father is recovering nicely and is already home.  The pathology report came back yesterday and confirmed no more cancer.  My father will not have any follow up chemo or radiation.

“Here I am to worship,
Here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that You’re my God
You’re altogether lovely
All together worthy,
All together wonderful to me.”


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17 Responses to More than Talent, its a Gift

  1. Jan says:

    Your daughter is so lovely, and WHAT a day of emotions! I love how quiet the audience got…
    Praise for your father’s good report, and thank you for sharing — I’m glad to be “in the HOV lane” with friends like you.

  2. Zoanna says:

    Weeping and rejoicing w/ you, Kelly! I can feel the emotions you write about so well. The courage from God to worship him in public at a public school! How His heart must have swelled to be honored by your little girl.

    So glad to hear of your dad’s great surgery outcome and the prognosis. This is the best thing I’ve read all day and I’m really happy I stopped by!!

  3. diane says:

    What a sweet young lady, to have the courage to stand up and praise God in spite of her fears! How wonderful how God orchestrates all the events in our lives, from public praise to healings. Rejoicing that your Dad’s surgery turned out so well.

  4. Katharine says:

    How beautiful! The video had me in tears, What a wonderful declaration and how amazing that these praises were being sung while your Dad was in surgery, and God was orchestrating all of it! Thanks for sharing and letting us rejoice with you!

  5. jennibell says:

    My favorite, favorite worship song. Wow. What a proud, proud mama you are, as you should be!!! It seems, right now, that you are basking in a season of blessings from our Lord. I know you are treasuring that.

  6. joyceandnorm says:

    That is wonderful! You should definitely be proud of her. And sooooo glad to hear about your dad. What a relief for you.

  7. Well, who knew that such a quiet girl would have such a beautiful voice!?! Wonderful job K!!

    • Kelly C says:

      Thank you Betty. A child’s voice is always sweet to mom and I always thought she had a nice voice but never thought she would enjoy singing in front of people. Its fun to watch her discover her talents.

  8. I love her courage – and what a perfectly beautiful song. So thankful your father’s surgery went well, too.

  9. Melissa says:

    What a sweet moment for you and your daughter! Worship is a focal point in our family, since my husband is a worship leader. That is very special that she chose to do a worship song, especially since it’s in the public school system. 🙂

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