The End of a Season

Tuesday, May 3rd I chaired my last PTA board meeting at our Elementary PTA.

This has been a 5 year season for me.  I blindly volunteered to be the Volunteer Coordinator on the board when k was in kindergarten.  I knew very little about what was going on.  I had been a room parent for k’s class while she was in Pre-K, but didn’t know much about the rest of the school.

The next two years I was president, then membership chair, then president again.

There are many stories that could be told about PTA, but most of the juicy stuff ones will only be retold amongst those of us who were there.  We always say, “If you can’t raise your hand in the board room, don’t wag your tongue in the parking lot.”

My Favorite Things about PTA:

Little k always seemed genuinely surprised and pleased when I showed up in her classroom.  “Moooommmmm!”   Best sound around.

Mothers Day Tea - Kindergarten

Having access to the school principal and other staff members.   I’ll admit I got into PTA to have a foot in the door with the staff more than wanting to be in charge of the school picnic.

Yes we taped our principal to the wall

Getting to know some awesome women and men.   I’ve met some of the most amazing women you could ever know.  Women who work or go to school and still find time to serve on the board.  Women who have never done anything like PTA but are willing to do their part to make the school a better place for their children.

It turns out I love the big events like carnival and all the sounds and sights that came with it.   Having the school grounds swarming with kids whose faces are painted.   I love seeing the smiles of the silly string stand-off competitors and the cake walk winners.

Moaning Myrtle with her Silly String weapon-3rd grade

I loved the big school wide picnic day/field day/class party day rolled into one.

I loved the year we gave all the children a brand new book during their birthday month.  Some of those children had never had their own brand new book.

Texas PTA SMART Logo

I loved it when we gave all the students and staff school shirts and they wore them on Fridays to Rocket Rally.

I loved working side by side with other moms in the workroom.  That is where you really get to know someone.

I loved the night we worked on the yearbook at McDonalds so we could use the internet and avoid our own homes.

3rd Grade

I loved brainstorming with these women.  I loved to watch the process where one will throw out an idea and another will toss in their view and another and another until we refine the idea into a really, really, knock your socks off event.

Some of my least favorite things.  This isn’t a tell all post 😉

  • Feeling responsible for everything but in control of nothing.
  • Being called Hitler.  I messed up and received this response from someone.  I learned a lot about myself then.  Some of those things I learned I didn’t like.  Hopefully, this past year I did better.
  • People who don’t actually quit but go MIA during the year.  Would you believe people get elected to positions then never, ever show up?
  • Surveys where people tell you what PTA should do, but they never offer to help.

Humorous Things because sometimes to keep from crying you have to laugh:

  • Being called an airhead by a woman I had never met because anyone who actually knows me would never accuse me of being an airhead.  More of a geek, nerd, boring type.
  • The board members who are willing to serve as long as I can find a position where they don’t have to deal with staff, parents, or children.  You know who you are.
  • People who tell you they can’t volunteer because they might get a job.  Really?
  • The lady with a few teeth missing that complained the night we served carrots and apples instead of cookies.

1st Grade-Flat Stanley project

  • The woman who resigned from the board and one of her complaints was I required everything to be proofed before going out.  She insisted she did not need a proofer.  Her handwritten resignation was spelled, “resegnation.”
  • The board member who having failed to come to a few meetings decided to officially resign after we had already held our last meeting of the year.  Yes, you know who you are.  She laughed at herself on that one.

There was plenty of blood, sweat, and tears along the way but lots and lots of smiles.   If I served with you for any length of time during these past 5 years I benefited from knowing you and hope that even if we parted ways on the board we can renew our friendships outside the school walls.   Thanks for the memories.

I really thought I was at the end of my PTA time when I began this post.  For many reasons I have decided to continue as the Hospitality Chairman at the Intermediate school.  I’m hoping it will be a little less draining than the past few years.  I get to be in charge of teacher appreciation.  What better way to get in good with the staff than to throw a great Welcome Back lunch?

 2 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  3 I thank my God every time I remember you. 4 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy (Philippians 1:2-4, New International Version)

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2 Responses to The End of a Season

  1. Lea says:

    Wow! hats off to you for such service! It can be such a thankless position at times but it sounds like they likely hated to see you “pass the gavel.” But, at least you are “keeping your fingers in the pie” next year.

    Blessings for a joy filled Memorial Day!

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