Project Simplify – Week 2 Challenge

Project: Simplify Week 2 will be unveiled tomorrow (written Sunday night).  In my attempt to not only participate in the challenge but also blog about it I decided to blog as much ahead of time as possible.   I must admit being a little nervous about the unveiling of the week 2 challenge.   I mean I’ve got some hot spots that I’m not really sure can be resolved in a few nights.  But that’s just stinking thinking isn’t it?

The plan will be to break the challenge into smaller tasks and keep it realistic for the time available.

What I’ve got going for me?

  • No evening activities except for Wednesday.
  • Desire to stop choking on clutter in my own home.
  • Warm fuzzy feelings lingering from the weekend of seeing a clean closet every time I went in my bedroom.

Things to change from last week?   Spend more time with k this week.  In other words don’t get so focused on a decluttering project I forget about the people around me.

Well, this morning the challenge was revealed.   Aarrrgggghhhh!!!!  Uuuuggggghhhhh!

I knew we would hit this challenge, but I was silently hoping, praying Tsh at Simple Mom would find 4 other hot spots to hit rather than this, but alas, I guess that is why it is a challenge.  I have not only 1 paper hot spots but several.  I’ve got a quasi – pilot system of organizing paper.  You see every time I clean the main kitchen table hot spot, the results go in a pile or box in another room.  Each clean out gets its own pile.  Thus the pile-it system.  Its a quasi-pilot system because at some points in time, I’ve cleared everything out, kept and properly filed only appropriate paperwork and tossed the rest.  So my file system is accurate at special points in time.  Its what has accumulated since then that’s left for this weeks challenge.  I’m not even home right now and I can think of 6 places I’ve stored or tossed paper.  Who knows when I get back what I’ll discover.

However disgusted mortified I am with this challenge I had a reminder this weekend it is very needed.  The handle came off our refrigerator freezer and I spent a good amount of time looking in the 3 places I thought warranties and manuals were residing.  I found of course several manuals for things I don’t own any more, but failed to find the fridge manual.   Tsh has some great ideas for storing manuals that I intend to put to use this week.

Well, good luck to everyone else taking the challenge.  Glad to see you are back for round 2.

Are you taking care of the right house?

3-4Shortly after that, God said more and Haggai spoke it: “How is it that it’s the ‘right time’ for you to live in your fine new homes while the Home, God’s Temple, is in ruins?”

5-6And then a little later, God-of-the-Angel-Armies spoke out again:

“Take a good, hard look at your life.
Think it over.
You have spent a lot of money,
but you haven’t much to show for it.
You keep filling your plates,
but you never get filled up.
You keep drinking and drinking and drinking,
but you’re always thirsty.
You put on layer after layer of clothes,
but you can’t get warm.
And the people who work for you,
what are they getting out of it?
Not much—
a leaky, rusted-out bucket, that’s what.

7That’s why God-of-the-Angel-Armies said:

“Take a good, hard look at your life.
Think it over.”

8-9Then God said:

“Here’s what I want you to do:
Climb into the hills and cut some timber.
Bring it down and rebuild the Temple.
Do it just for me. Honor me.
You’ve had great ambitions for yourselves,
but nothing has come of it.
The little you have brought to my Temple
I’ve blown away—there was nothing to it.

9-11“And why?” (This is a Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies, remember.) “Because while you’ve run around, caught up with taking care of your own houses, my Home is in ruins. That’s why. Because of your stinginess. And so I’ve given you a dry summer and a skimpy crop. I’ve matched your tight-fisted stinginess by decreeing a season of drought, drying up fields and hills, withering gardens and orchards, stunting vegetables and fruit. Nothing—not man or woman, not animal or crop—is going to thrive.”  Haggai 1:3-11 The Message

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