Cake Pop Kid

Birthday Girl

I think my first attempt at cake pops and cake balls came out quite nice.  I’ve seen numerous blogs mentioning cake balls so I decided to give it a try for little KC’s birthday treat at school.

Today is her 10th birthday.  We are having her party on Friday afternoon since school gets out early that day, but for school she had to take a treat on her birthday.  It is expected to stay in the good graces of the rest of the class.  I told her I wasn’t going to make cupcakes since we are having the party on Friday.  She said it would be okay to bring the frosted cookies you buy at the store.  Well, I guess I could have done that, but she is only 10 once and I wanted this week to be special.

There are tons of websites with lots of cake ball instructions and ideas.  Here are the basics:

Take a baked cake.  Crumble it up.  Mix it with frosting.  Chill it.  Make balls out of it.  Freeze it.  Dip it in some type of great tasting coating.  Decorate with cool stuff.

So the possibilities are endless.  On my first attempt I used a cake mix and canned frosting.  After all it was for 4th graders and I had a gillion other things to do.

Some ideas I gleaned from these other sites that served me well and things I learned from trial and error:

  • I dipped the lollipop stick in the melted chocolate coating then stuck it in the ball to keep it stuck in there.
  • Use Styrofoam to hold the cake pops.  When my styrofoam real estate ran out. I also used some small containers with unpopped popcorn to hold pops and 2 plastic homemade popsicle maker containers.  Their long narrow holes worked great.
  • I got 36 nice sized balls from 1 cake mix and 1 container of frosting.
  • Depending on when you make these, give yourself enough time for the chilling and freezing time.  It is definitely easier to make the balls when the mix has hardened in the fridge a little.  It was easier to dip the balls the longer they were in the freezer.  Overnight for the fridge is probably okay, but overnight for the freezer might be too long.  One site said this made them crack easier.  I’ll let you know as I didn’t get all my balls coated so I left them in the freezer to coat tonight.
  • Keep a wet cloth close by when making the balls to clean your hands after about 5 balls.  This helps keep the balls smoother.
  • The coating process will take some trial and error and time the first time you do it, but its painless.  I used a spoon to brush the coating on the balls.  It dries so fast I coated the top part last so my sprinkles would find some unhardened coating to cling to.
  • I put the final ones in the mini-cup cake papers so I wouldn’t have to wrap them all up.  They were for staff and I didn’t figure they would care and would get eaten early in the day.

Give it a try.  They taste wonderful and look fun.

Need to make a cake mix go further than just 24 mini cupcakes?  This might be a good alternative.

Some great links with lots of ideas:

The Queen of Cake Balls-Bakerella

A good How To blog with step-by-step directions

First Place I saw Cake Balls

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4 Responses to Cake Pop Kid

  1. Kaylene says:

    mmmm… I love cake pops. You just made me very hungry.

  2. Diane says:

    Cake balls have always looked like such fun; I may try them out for my next (adult women) card party! Who says they are just for kids?

    KC is adorable, and yes, you only only turn ten once! Finally into the double digits – almost as big a deal as finally turning twenty and getting out of your teens.

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